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A Woman's Prayer

Oh Unknown Source of Influences

Heed as I lay down defenses

A vicious prankster yes thou art

Has me lamenting in my heart

But ask I that you grant me grace

To help accept my aging face

For daily toil that brings a scowl

It only adds to sagging jowls

The belly once as flat as earth

Has lasting pouch from childbirth

And even if I exercise

I cannot seem to downsize thighs

And should I learn to live with flaws

There’s still impending menopause

The loads we bear seem not to end

So you up there, are we not friends?

We’ve done enough, more than our share

Don't we look weary from up there?

I fear you think this just a joke

Instead of awe for women folk

I’ve creeping feeling no one’s there

Or at the least who gives a care

So cry we do to empty skies

‘Cause no one’s listening, no surprise!

We won’t be shoved to back of shelf

We’ll take care of things by ourselves!

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