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Amelia Earhart is her name

Great is her degree of fame

Back then, her life defied all odds

Crashed the path that few had trod

A woman living without fear

Became a soaring pioneer

Consumed she was in taking flight

And records fell from left to right

This woman in the prime of life

Who lived, as if, on edge of knife

Though jeopardy was hers to court

A tragedy cut her life short

For flight that followed the equator

Accomplishment could not be greater

Was planned but cannot be disputed

The journey that was executed

Was riddled with so many flaws

No single one would be the cause

But what seems sure, she flew without

Assurance of her whereabouts

Then set of circumstances turned

Familiar into crash and burn

And now it’s only speculation

Why she missed her destination

Then disappeared without a trace

The sky and sea could just erase

And leave us only mystery

Flights of fancy, conspiracy…

But do not let these things negate

Her many feats are much too great

A woman fair as she was strong

Amongst the clouds, where she belongs

She broke the bonds that keep us grounded

The rules were meant to be confounded

Her legacy stands test of time

The myths around her, ever climb

Honoured and so well thought-of

She perished doing what she loved

And that is triumph in itself

Live full your life, and nothing else!

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