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August (in Edmonton)

The month of August is aptly named

‘Tis glorious and grand

Offers mood and febricity

That stirs frolics cross the land

Our summers are a precious thing

In a city so far up north

No taking for granted, their transience-ness

We are able to recognize worth

Melt in the heat and freeze in the snow

We live in a state of extremes

In August we reach a prairie nirvana

It’s the polis we see in our dreams

We all come alive and revel in play

There’s reason we’re Festival City

There’s frenzy in how much we try to get done

Yet us hardy folk need not your pity

This season is fleeting so we luxuriate

We know what is waiting in store

We waste not our time lamenting our fate

Talking weather with us is a bore

So August burns off like a firework blazing

The nights have a chill unmistaken

But when you’ve delighted in summer’s repast

Its ending leaves no one forsaken

I’d rather live here and be sturdy and stout

In August we bathe in and wallow

Fall’s on its way and we welcome it gladly

Though our summer’s a hard act to follow!

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