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I know that it’s not only me

But I feel people, selfishly

That hoard and stash all that they see

Are cursed as if they’ve heads of three!

And ‘cause they think they have more need

They won’t admit to outright greed

Even if on knees we’d plead

To cries for help they will not heed!

How sad their lives must be each day

They know not of the price they pay

When to the God of Glut they pray

Their humanity just falls away

And yet there’s folks that do admire

To avarice they do aspire

And if allowed, they’ll muck and mire

No matter if the stakes are dire

We see them daily on the news

Disgusted with the path they choose

To waste while never paying dues

A game they’ve fixed, so will not lose

I’m often guilty of the same

In fact we all should take some blame

That greedy habit’s hard to tame

Instead for largesse we should aim!

This message might be too simplistic

It’s for those heads that seem the thickest

I ask they be not egoistic

Avoid becoming narcissistic

A kinder world would be my druthers

If wore the shoes of stricken other

The ones we think so often bother

Such grace I know we would uncover

Fulfilling dream would be a feat

That with much less we’d be replete

Our transformation be complete

When selfishness is obsolete!

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