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Be Unburdened

Unveil through revealment, as if by design

With powers of sight gifted by the Divine

You resonate sadness as dark as black ink

You’re grasping at shadows as farther you sink

I sense desperation that you’re trying to hide

It leaks from your pores as it stirs from inside

Your smile is a deathmask, it’s making me sweat

Your eyes limpid pools that now swirl with regret

There are waves of emotion as strong as tsunami

Relentless, incessant, they can’t help but slam me

But I am a seer, a magus and conjurer

Destined as Witness, a gypsy and wanderer

They who seek out all the answers I carry

Leave my presence grateful, with woe dead and buried

Their burdens revealed are now hung out to dry

I’ve absorbed tribulations so that others may fly

My lot in life’s wearing, but can’t be avoided

This power of mine must be used and exploited

For now you are wiser as I’ve made you see

As insight to self is the Lockmaster’s Key

More painful the message the more you should hear it

Politesse makes it so hard to get near it

Now exorcized demons have fled from the light

Emboldened, you venture, no worries in sight

Bestowed you awareness, the hand you’re now given

Allows you the freedom to lastly start living!

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