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Best Friend

I’m here to say I love my friend

And on this day to her I send

A ton of love and what is more

She’s always been one I adore

Behooves me now with joy to say

I hope she has the best birthday

A break from all the toil and work

Is quite the favoured birthday perk

But often round her feet have scampered

Cats expecting to be pampered

I think they owe her, on this day

Respect her space, stay out her way

Her meals be lovingly prepared

No effort on this dare be spared

Her back massaged, her hair be brushed

From task to task she not be rushed

And at the end of day she curls

Under a sky with stars like pearls

In downy bed with all the space

No furry butts or paws in face

Her life all year her comfort’s spurned

A day as cat she’s justly earned

For people love to be spoiled too

And it’s the least that they can do…

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