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Gurdeep Pandher, he lived to travel He loved how paths could just unravel

His curiosity would beckon

All roads and trails were ripe for trekking

He came to nation known for cold

What wonders to him did unfold

He saw this country coast to coast

Yet found the place that he loved most

Was northern part of Canada

(Where you must have some stamina)

He lives content in bright hued turban

By choosing rustic over urban

Proving that indeed some good

Can come from cabin in the woods!

Possesses such a cheery stance

And brings delight through Bhangra dance!

With warm demeanour so disarming

His videos are sweet and charming

He draws together through shared love

Inspires hearts to rise above

To show there is no difference

When we’re together rapt in dance!

He demonstrates a way to live

Embracing only positives!

There is such joy in Gurdeep’s moves

You’re taken in by upbeat groove

So don your brightest coloured clothes

And move those arms in boisterous throws

You’ll turn around the greyest day

If you just bounce the Bhangra way!

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