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I never used to like to bike

It made my bum so sore

Just riding for the sake of it

To me was such a bore

It didn’t help that roads are hell

It made my nerves go zing!

And feeling all my muscles ache

Was not my kind of thing

But that was then and this is now

I bike most every day

I feel such freedom on two wheels

I’ve changed, what can I say?

It’s more than just great exercise

It clears your heart and mind

Your fitness level’s no concern

Of bikes, there are all kinds

There’s bikes for roads and bikes for trails

And bikes both thin and fat

But do not get too cocky though -

A car can knock you flat

So if you’re new, take care at first

No point in taking chance

For soon enough you’re flying fast

Just like the Tour de France

So get your helmet, pedal up!

Cast idleness aside

There’s no time like the present so

Get out, enjoy the ride!

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