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Thank you, Blankie on my knee

Nana knitted you for me

With the cosiest of yarn

In between the socks she’d darn

How those needles clacked and clicked

How things came together quick

Out of thin air, just like magic

Sweater, scarf and baby jacket

A special something for me too

My favourite Blankie, pink and blue

I cannot sleep without my friend

If I’ve bad dream, away it sends

And on cold nights it keeps me warm

Through icy winds and winter storms

My Blankie at my heartstrings tug

Reminding me of Nana’s hug

And when I have kids of my own

I know they’ll never feel alone

For my Blankie will provide

The comfort on which I relied

The treasures that we often keep

Lighten burdens buried deep

And when passed down, as families do

Those memories go with them too…

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