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Breath of Fire

Lately, how does reel my thoughts

One day you’re here, the next - you’re not

No telling what life holds in store

So what the hell we living for?

This musing is for me rhetorical

The answer’s purely categorical

You’ve without aim been granted breath

And use this gift, you will till death

You feel spurred on without the why

You do, or don’t, there is no try

What motivates, what gives you purpose

What are you just below the surface

What mystery draws you to seek?

What is that thing makes you unique?

Such power from our natural drive

The impulse that moves us to thrive

In fact, grab on and summon more

THAT is the thing we’re fighting for!

The pain, the joy, the lows, the highs

The tide that leaves, returns to rise

We’re pulled and pushed, rare satisfaction

But relish strength that comes from action!

Downtrodden, yes, but not defeated

My journey is not yet completed

Though spent from slip in muck and mire

My chest still bursts with breath of fire!

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