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Cold, Literally

I caught a cold, oh yes I did

Thankfully it’s not Covid

It’s in my nose and makes it run

Damn, being sick, it ain’t no fun

My nose is raw from tissue friction

I’ve drunk a mug of Neo Citran

And now I’m feeling very sleepy

I hope I fall asleep quite deeply

If you’re concerned, I understand

And yes, I always wash my hands!

You needn’t even have to ask

Of course, when out, I wear a mask!

The crazy thing, it’s like it’s Fate

Last year, I swear, almost same date

I wrote a poem about a cold

And here I am, one more year old

And sick again! It’s kinda mental

It’s weirdly too coincidental

There must be something in this season

Makes us prone to coughs and sneezin’

I guess there isn’t much to fear

If I get sick, just once a year

With rhyme, so easy to remember

Prepare for cold when comes November!

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