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Could Be Worse...

Complicated and frustrated

Life sometimes feels overrated

As we age and thus mature

There’s little chance we may defer

The parts that bring us flap and fuss

To learn to handle is a must

And yet there is no tip to tell

It’s not as if there’s manual

That gets us to point A to Z

With intact sanity and head

But if there is one thing I’ve learned

As pot boils over and skin is burned

It does us well to keep perspective

Some fortitude is quite effective

Each day is filled with good and bad

A thousand trials to be had

Are faced, confronted, conquered, won

Then satisfied is day, when done

For dawn, in faith, shall break anew

And to occasion, you rise too

And though crowned not a Queen or King

We shall not sweat those little things

Say little prayer to stave the curse

That things could always be much worse…

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