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Countdown to Christmas

Oh Lordy, would ya beer me strength

I can’t believe it’s December 10th

There’s just two weeks till Christmas eve

What tricks Saint Nick’s got up his sleeve?

All that I know is countdown starts

The little ones, with all their hearts

Are trying hard to be so good

And do things as they know they should

For Santa’s checking twice his list

So all things wicked, they must resist

For me? I think it’s too late now

It’d take a miracle somehow

To get me off the naughty side

Worth it? Don’t know, can’t decide

There’s always presents there for me

Don’t know how good I had to be

To earn a sweater, boxers, socks

A gift’s a gift, I shouldn’t mock

It doesn’t matter the amount

Remember, it’s the thought that counts

Just being in each other’s presence

Having conversations pleasant

The treasure underneath the tree

Is time well spent ‘tween you and me!

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