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This country has a lot of charm

Its people kind, demeanour warm

Such grand terrain from coast to coast

So many things of which we boast

But there’s some stuff I didn’t know

That when I learned, I had to go

“D’oh Canada, it can’t be true!

There’s kooky things our people do!”

Like Canada is leader of

Consuming food the whole world loves

We eat the most boxed mac and cheese!

More donut shops and maple trees

That helped us invent maple syrup

And Winnipeg is King of Serpents!

And did you know we have some laws

That when you hear them, give you pause

You cannot scare the King of England

(But if you did, you’d be a legend!)

You cannot pay with too much coin

Fake witchcraft? To jail you’re going!

Of all the wonders and the feats to Be best known for, is a pizza

Invented in Ontario

A tasty but so weird combo

Ham and pineapple, love or hate

It’s things like this that make us great!

So raise the flag and sing out loud

D’oh Canada! You make me proud

And on this day, I’m glad to be

In land where goose and moose run free!

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