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Our love of water is gigantic

From the Pacific to Atlantic

The smell, the feel, the freedom of

Just floating in the waves we love…

Yet there was film that gave us pause

The terrifying movie, “Jaws”

It’s so much fun to play in water

But not if it’s a sea of slaughter!

Straightforward in its basic story

But told in way so wild and gory

A seaside town, a tourist trap

The worst thing that could fall in lap

Was beaches closed for fear of shark

Too much debate this issue sparked

Chief of police had strong opinion

Of course they made the wrong decision

And what transpired, you can guess

Put audience in pure distress

Soon motley crew of heroes chased

To open waters, shark did race

Put stop to beast, we all were hopin’

What happened next, dropped our jaws open…

A scene so starkly realized

Shark eats man before our eyes!

Them that survived saw what to do

In final climax, up shark blew!

This movie had us all a-fluster

A true-blue bona fide blockbuster!

Though poor sharks got the rawest deal

Our fear of them is still quite real

To everyone, I hope will listen

They’re vital to our ecosystem!

(Don’t be afraid of sea you’re swimming in

Just keep your splashing to a minimum!)

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