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Die Diet Die!

There is no diet I’ve not tried

All tasty food’s been vilified

Now struck from list of things to eat

You can’t have bread, avoid red meat

To eat less carbs is all the rage

For war against fat has been waged

The goal seems not to help lose weight

But empty purse as much as plate

And yet we clamour for advice

At every turn and every price

Enough already, of this I’m sick!

But look what’s trending - Ozempic!

To some it seems a miracle

You need not eat to feel you’re full

You’ll drop such pounds your head will spin

And soon you’ll join the ranks of “thin”

For that is what we value most

To look the same as dressed lamp post

How we define good form and wellness

No longer is it health and fitness

It’s how we look, not how we feel

And yet, do we know what is real?

Our very bods are battlefields

And diets are the arms we wield

This war on food seems such a waste

And ironically, leaves bitter taste…

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