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We can’t imagine life without

Our skill to recall freely

How day-to-day our lives rely

Upon this drawn-well deeply

Etching what we daily see

Is key to constant function

That memories are called upon

Without qualm or compunction

Is privilege that we possess

But rue should come the day

When scrambled up becomes the mind

And makes your thoughts away…

Beyond forgetful, some become

Reduced to utter shell

As if a life had not been lived

Dried up becomes the well

Like grains through hourglass they slip

Reminders of our past

Are gone as if they’re wisps of smoke

Each new day same as last

We must re-shape our vision of

Just what it means to be

A vital member of this world

Defined by memory

I leave with this, a pondering

Confuse us more? It might

Are we but stories in our head

Or the tales of us you’ll write?

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