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Don't Let This Be the Last...

Ogden Nash (1902-1971)

American poet and humorist

It’s easy to make a joke about Trump

For Trump IS a joke, he’s a frump and a lump

He’s shaped like potato that totters on legs

That stand at an angle, so question does beg

Is he built like a tree that is bent with the wind

Or permanently trying to look in a bin?

He’s running for president, which is quite stunning

But everyone knows he’s just running from running

He’s got lots of problems, he’s holding a grudge

He spends most his time glaring mad at a judge

He has little skill with which he can be boastful

Instead in ALL CAPS he just troots on Truth Social

Ain’t nobody like him, yet nobody likes him

He eventually turns on his “friends” when mood strikes him

So take him or leave him, I’d leave him in flash

Behind bars, in jumpsuit, bereft of his cash

He repulses the senses, yet behaves like he’s senseless

He babbles like brook yet can’t finish a sentence

(Perhaps at this thing that he constantly fails

He’ll finally complete once he’s comfy in jail…)

It looks like the only good way to be rid of him

Is listen to me, a devout null-i-fidean

He’s long made us suffer, make him suffer us too

So mad that he turns from burnt orange to deep blue!

When election day comes, by foot, car, plane or boat

Make sure that you exercise your damn right to vote!

“Cause if you are lazy, don’t care or can’t bother

This election’s your last, for you won’t get another!

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