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Dreams of Love

Did you leave without a warning?

As death of Love again I’m mourning

Or did I choose to doubt the signs

And put my faith in stars aligned

For that is my endearing fault

Reminded when the other bolts

My innocence does not protect

From being left, last time I checked

And yet the face I see in mirror

Would loved to have kept you much nearer

Instead you’re gone to not return

Again by Love it seems I’m burned

But trusting soul I shall remain

For I know I’ll find Love again

And hold it tight so it can’t fly

Though it still does, I wonder why…

The poets tell me don’t give up

To drink deep from enchantment’s cup

Devotion is all that I’ll need

(Says romance novels that I read)

My instincts tell me it will come

Though I might just not know where from

My happiness in hands of Fate

Has promised that my one soulmate

Is but round corner on their way

At least that’s what the poets say!

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