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Edmonton in May

There is nothing finer in our northern city

Then end of May, ‘tis bright and pretty

Swathed in green and the trees in bud

Gone is the brown, washed clean is the mud

There’s good in all seasons, yes, even the winter

But warming relief for this land that is hinter

Is so well received and greeted with zest

As all baby creatures sneak free from their nest

Trees that bear fruit are alive with sweet blooms

Pale pink and white, they bob as bee zooms

People are out taking walks until dusk

Musicians are upbeat and relaxed as they busk

This prelude to summer is gentle and soothing

Our city is waking and soon quickly moving

For summer as season is embraced for its perks

It bolsters our spirits, as elixir, it works

As longtime a dweller, it is easy to say

The month that I favour the most is fair May

As fleeting it is, we appreciate more

And our city in springtime is a thing I adore!

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