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Fed Up With Fall

I know it is unpopular

To mock our “love” for Fall

You can bathe in pumpkin spice

Just have yourselves a ball

Wearing beanies, puffy vests

Your Timberlands all buff

But to lovers of this time

I must now say, “ENOUGH!”

I don’t like Fall, no not at all

This season is the worst

It means that summer’s over now

Which makes my bubble burst

It means that winter’s on its way

And soon the cold winds blow

How can you think this is okay?

How can you love the snow?

Keep your rosy crimson fleece

Your fires in the hearth

I’d rather cool off at the beach

And bask in summer’s warmth

I say no thanks to falling leaves

To nights that make me shiver

Don’t offer me a buttered rum

It’s not good for my liver

Don’t ask me to show some grit

As in my house I pout

Much like Scrooge I’m crotchety

Refusing to go out

(If you haven’t guessed right yet

This poem is a romp

For I love fall and all its charms

And winter’s frosty pomp!)

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