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Fifty Nine

An ageless love is rare as jewel

To, after years, be ardent fool

When glances pass between you still

There’s no conditions, no “up till”

No matter sickness, or in health

In tougher times, or ample wealth

The only place that you’ll be found

Is by their side, forever bound

And even though there’s ails that lurk

A failing back or knees don’t work

A clock has set, it’s running down

You live in hope more time is found

Whatever hand you both are dealt

It cannot dim affection felt

Between two people meant to be

Whose love song often sung off key

Will stir within sought-after chance

To move two feet that cannot dance

Be swept in arms and ferried where

Confinements they no longer bear

That barrier, they broke right through it

And honoured to be witness to it

Alongside I, their torch I carry

Their everyday, extraordinary

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Thanks Theresa from Mom & Dad

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