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First Step

Be more than you possibly thought you could be

Strive higher, wish bigger, my resolute plea

Do not let yourself be held back any longer

Show the world and yourself you are better and stronger

Do not feel fatigued by the same old cliché

Success comes to those that have first paved the way

Tis true! And how glorious blazing that trail!

It won’t even matter if sometimes you fail

The stumbles and mishaps are lessons worth learning

The skills to leap hurdles in future you’re earning

I know deep inside is a champ that wants out

Though sometimes we hamper with qualm and self-doubt

Each day is a chance you should use to break free

Summon the drive and I will guarantee

Rewards that will come in the form of self-glory

What joy you can have in re-writing your story

It is never too late, there is never excuse

“Too hard” is a pretext that I shall refuse

Don’t let your desires be left or forsaken

The first steps of many are there to be taken!

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