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First Week of December

The first week of December gone

Just what did I spend my time on?

There’s nary gift beneath my tree

I haven’t indulged shopping spree

There isn’t baking from the oven

There hasn’t been snow needing shovelin’

There hasn’t been a party invite

In fact there is no soiree in sight

The only thing that I’ve completed

Is hours under blanket heated

Cocoa with a whipped cream top

Hallmark movies play non stop

There’s still no pressure, unmade plans

No labour overworks these hands

Just relaxation, mood so pleasant

It’s like I got an early present

I’d always hoped I could insist

To add less stress to my wish list!

Who woulda thought Ol’ Santa knew

Well maybe he’ll bring you some too!

A leisurely sweet holiday

That lasts right up to Christmas Day!

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