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Fluffy Flowers

A common weed we always tryin’

To eliminate, the dandelion

Its homely head and jagged leaves

That clog our lawns, make growers grieve

Its core so deep we can’t remove

A nuisance whose endurance proves

That nature shan’t be shorn or plucked

And once entrenched you’re out of luck

But think again, this irritant

Is more than just annoying plant

Their widespread roots aerate the soil

In ancient times they’d heal the boil

They’re quite the source of vitamins

Their serrated leaves, delicious when

You add them to a salad green

(And even help support your spleen!)

And best of all that wispy cluster

Fills the air when quick winds bluster

Their fairy seeds like thistly shower

We’d romp and play through fluffy flowers

Indulging pastime cherished so

That closed-eye wish made with soft blow…

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