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Giving Space

Some things that are done will not be forgiven

No matter how long we go on with this living

There sometimes are breaches that cannot be mended

Connections are broken, relations have ended

We hope to find mercy through pardoning mien

Yet lies there a line that is tight-roped between

That place full of anger that seeks to sustain

Where hot ball of fire can oft dull the pain

And yet the desire for leniency

To summon compassion just might set us free

Such complex emotions make humans a mess

To fight our first instinct to strike in defense

Is one of the traits that we hold to be dearest

To offer up mercy is an action that’s peerless

But - there must be concession to give one consent

When wanting reprieve that sincerely is meant

To not need atonement nor seek absolution

Remaining in limbo without resolution

Is also a place where a person exists

That hoarding of bitter in tightly clenched fist

We must give them space and show deep understanding

To let go resentments can seem too demanding

Perhaps in good time there is fix to be found

But even if not, it’s still judgment that’s sound

For there’s no single way that a soul finds release

Nor can we insist how a heart will make peace…

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