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How beautiful, yet cruel, are youth

They do not temper grudge with truth

The hierarchy of pride is set

The slightest slip they won’t forget

And how depressing is the one

This pale girl never sees the sun

So beguiling but still she’s mocked

Yet know not they, in closet locked

This girl submitted to such shame

But in her flickers magic flame

A mother brutal in her faith

Denies her daughter smallest taste

Of life that other girls enjoy

Dates and dances with sweet boy

But fate has much in store for her

She walks in blindly, heart so pure

Though there is viciousness afoot

Such spitefulness in hot pursuit

Her golden moment drops like thud

As drenched she is in sacred blood

But those that torment, they will suffer

As imbrued girl makes way to mother

She leaves a path of sheer destruction

She fells her foes without compunction

With power that was there inside her

No clemency within to guide her

But mother’s arms aren’t there to hold

She wants to kill, with blade so cold

But both will die in doomed embrace

And cursed becomes this haunted place

That chilled wind on warm day will ferry

The name forever whispered…”Carrie…”

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