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Beware the people you don’t know

Let sugar in their blood get low

Unsuspecting till too late

I’d run away, just hide and wait

Until they get some food to eat

I beg of you beat fast retreat

You hear that rumbling in their tum?

A hangry person is no fun!

I’m sure you’ve wondered what’s the deal

And I assure you this is real

There’s people if they skip a meal

Get angrier than most folks feel

And often they will crave a sweet

But woe to those that choose the treat

In blood that sugar spikes real fast

But that quick high, it never lasts

They crash as hard as did before

And now they’re craving that much more!

So good advice the experts say

Is have small meals throughout the day

Avoid junk foods, high fibre’s best

Hydrate well, get lots of rest

Make better choices with your food

And you’ll shake off that “hangry” mood!

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