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Happy Accidents

There was a man some years ago

With frizzy hair and whisper low

On television, he found fame

Bob Ross became a household name

He painted streams, the clouds, the trees

In this milieu he lived in ease

His life was spent in front of canvas

Through dabs of paint he brought much gladness

Infectious joy was such a fixture

Believed we all could paint a picture

With visions in our minds and heart

Such freedom found in making art!

Inspired world to pick up brush

Sweet puffy clouds, and fields so lush

Those mountains carved with palette knife

Respect for nature brought to life

He never judged, he motivated

His motto was so plainly stated

There’s nothing that you can’t achieve

If in yourself, you just believe!

I think we all know what he meant

Mistakes are happy accidents!

His legacy lives on creating

A world that finds such joy in painting!

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