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Me, I have a father

Who is beyond compare

Absolutely awesome

And is so kind and fair

He is turning eighty-one

Yet seems he’s ever ageless

With substance and great fortitude

That resounds throughout the ages

Each day I get to spend with him

He grows in such regard

Earnest and so diligent

At peace though life is hard

Always there beside his love

In no way far he’s wandered

Has never let a day go by

That’s wasted or been squandered

He makes the best of everything

And never will complain

So fortunate, my life has been

He disburdens all my strain

Comfort does his presence bring

His disposition calming

But wicked is his sense of wit

His heart is overwhelming

This day of days I wish him more

Of all good life can offer

And thank the heavens up above

That I get to call him father

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