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Home Run

Life is like a baseball game

That fear you’ll be picked last

That no one wants you on their team

So casually you're passed

And if you finally get to bat

You strike out to their groans

You slink back to the dugout bench

To petty whines and moans

But what if it’s your bat and ball?

And that you love to play?

Yet secretly the bullies wish

You’d up and run away

But they would take your stuff and go

Their nastiness is real

And they will not spare you a thought

For how they made you feel

Man, Life can suck, and that’s the truth

You’re really on your own

Just kid left out on baseball field

Hemmed in, yet still alone…

But I say screw it, no one said

You can’t changes rules and win

You’ll hit a triple, round that turn

‘Cause Life’s waving you in!

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