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Homines Obsoletos

Beware the tool disguised as friendly

Machines programmed to “set us free”

For there will come the day, just wait

The Matrix is reality!

Rely on them for record keeping

Tracking all our bills and debt

Storing endless chunks of data

As ubiquitous as they can get

They have no feelings, no compassion

You can’t explain, negotiate

Can shut you out without a warning

Their chips and wires hold our fate

With cold precision they will purge

For honest gaffe, you don’t deserve this

And god forbid you’re so locked out

You have to call for customer service!

The only way to “get back in”

You need a person on the phone

The irony of “efficient systems”

Is enough to make this human groan!

But it’s too late, they’re here to stay

Minus spirit and lacking passion

And time when we were once in charge

Will soon become downright old-fashioned!

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