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Hope Is A Beating Heart

Tis human nature to give in

Despair at fight that one can’t win

Exhaustion is a potent weight

That brings downfall in face of hate

There is a sense of listlessness

No hope of rising from this mess

There’s no denial scorn and spite

Have blurred the line ‘tween wrong and right

Discouragement is strange bedfellow

Can fan a flame as sure as bellow

It conjures up a sense of doom

Foreboding threat will always loom…

Yet in the darkness beats a heart

So low and deep it barely charts 

But steady still it resonates 

Like beacon leading on the Fates 

That tiny flint that sparks afresh

Might unsnarl what seeks to enmesh

For though in blackness ere we grope 

An inner light does burn… tis HOPE

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