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I Got No Air Conditionin'

It’s too hot to go fishin’

Too hot to eat

What the kitchen is dishin’

Instead I sweat

And spend the day wishin’

I can get me some cool air conditionin’...

The air hangs not movin’

The radio plays

But no strength to be groovin’

I watch the TV

Hope the weather’s improvin’

Oh, can I get me some cool air conditionin’?

No use crying, but got no laughter

Can’t spare the tears

Tho I chug jugs of water

All windows open

Not sure why I bother

‘Cause I need me some cool air conditionin’...

At night there’s no relief

My ceiling fan spins

As I’m swelterin’ beneath

It sends down dead drafts

That just add to my grief

‘Cause I got no damn air conditionin’!!

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