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Impossibly Possible

When those without wake to the loss

Of being free from chains of cost

Nickels, dimes and pennies slip

Between their calloused fingertips

There’s no relief from crying poor

Just fast-latched window, slamming door

And yet as things are less affording

Behind the scenes there’s asset hoarding

When inequality equips

The richest ones, the scales they tip

Until too late, our pockets empty

With bills piled high, the damage hefty

We know their names, their smile-less faces

But to them we are fractions, face-less

Barely scum scraped from their shoe

Left to ponder, where’s our due?

There is no justice till we learn

To pay what’s fair, ensure we earn

A wage commensurate to work

Where food and roof are not deemed “perk”

We do not have to break and bleed

To have access to basic needs

A world free of complacency

Where anything you hoped to be

Is possible, dream in the making

And in your reach, ripe for the taking!

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