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In Thrall

Would we, if pressed, with any assurance

Appreciate Love’s most affecting endurance

Tis more than a feeling, a healthy attraction

As virtue highborn or a welcomed distraction

Unselfish and loyal, in various forms

It offers protection from life’s fearsome storms

To love is to trust is to care for another

The gentlest of touch, or a force that may smother

Steadfast and eternal, or fickle and short

It can soothe like a balm or might sting like retort

Love is our air, for without it we perish

It grants us deep meaning and moments to cherish

It gives us a purpose for which we can strive

Bolsters resolve, keeps our passions alive

As base as an urge or as studied as law

Hardly is perfect, yet we suffer its flaws

We bury it deep or show off on our sleeve

Will run away screaming or chase should it leave

I doubt there is thing that competes with its power

And we’ll be at its mercy till last dying hour…

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