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Illustration reference: “The Letter”

Agnes M. Cowieson (1880 - 1940)

To have your heart broken is weight you can’t bare

It’s as if your life has been sucked of all air

Where once there was faith there is sense of betrayal

Your stout-hearted train has now run off its rails

Of all the pain life can throw at you, none’s worse

Than being abandoned, makes you feel like you’re cursed

But let’s take a moment, be still with your thoughts

Things done and undone, left connecting the dots

Experience tells you that nothing goes wasted

Letting in, letting go, your pride getting chastened

To open your soul to another is hard

Yet don’t be afraid once you’ve let down your guard

Defining, becoming, who you want to be

When stymied by door that won’t open with key

Is one of the moments that offer you hope

You gain valued wisdom with which you will cope

With every sweet union that ends in a parting

Not beginning, nor end for your journey’s just starting

Let me share with you insight I have learned to be true

Just love who you are and let yourself be loved too…

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