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It Takes But One

*Illustration reference:

LOTR Frodo & Gollum 1/4th Statue

by Prime 1 Studios

Never doubt the bravery to stand alone as one

A situation that often has most people on the run

The very thought of doing this can make the strongest quake

The choice of lion heartedness that very few will make

Yet often altruism of the most distressing kind

So stark that solitary figure holding fast the line

Inspires such awakening in others far afield

Can stir the courage that they work so hard to keep concealed

There’s stories from so long ago that happen still today

Of slightest challenger that holds a multitude at bay

Audacity is what has made the difference each time

And those that never hesitate to tackle highest climb

That beckon to those in the shadow waiting with reluctance

But freely will soon lend a hand, are glad to act as buttress

Thank goodness there are those that have the heart to be the first

That do not carry doubt within, that do not fear the worst

Compelled they are by mystic force, they cannot hide from strife

So vital as the catalyst that brings crusades to life

Though not a leader, but a soul, still timid in defiance

One day, in solidarity, I’ll stand in staunch alliance!

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