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May Justice Prevail

Welcome to the era of

Profound dissimulation

A host of smokescreens and deceit

That’s sweeping ‘cross the nation

Truth is out and lies are in

Facts have taken hard the “L”

We don’t know what is going on

Credibility’s gone to hell

Was once the day integrity

Was something that we strived

Now doing anything it takes

Is how the cheats survive

You no longer can reason with

The Right’s no longer “right”

Like bringing out your ballpoint pen

To the ugliest knife fight

I’ve no solution at this time

But hope you don’t lose heart

We can’t stoop to their level now

At least that is a start

If memory serves, in time of plight

We can’t give in to doubt

When hubris taints a clouded mind

The meek may still win out!

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