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May The Fourth Be With You...

One day on two-sunned Tatooine

I’ve tale to tell, of sight unseen

A hooded figure I encountered

All alone, my way he sauntered

He looked up slowly, when he saw

Me standing with a lone Jawa

We froze in place, our breathing laboured

We didn’t want to get light-sabered!

His hood was up, concealed his eyes

When lowered, we were so surprised

A friendly face did soon appear

He held out hand as he drew near

“Nithe to meet you!” was his greeting

“Iths rare for theethe impromptu meetingths!

Pardon, I mutht hurry by!

May the Forth be with you”, lisped the Jedi

Stunned of what just passed my way

I’ll not forget to my dying day

There’s nothing better, you know it’s true

Than to have a Jedi spit on you!

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