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Meaningful Merry!

If you can’t summon patience, perhaps offer kindness

A welcoming smile that disarms stranger’s shyness

It takes but a moment to hold open a door

Pay a bit more attention to things you’ve ignored

The elderly neighbour whose walk needs a shovel

An arm at a crosswalk for those who might struggle

Donate time or money to charitable venture

The ones that take in those in need when they enter

To find bit of shelter, or hot meal might suffice

They run on a budget that’s thin as sheet ice

Perhaps there is friend that has fallen in favour

A breach overcome by the smallest of labour

Amazed how the healing of long-dragging rift

Brings lightness in spirit, relief is the gift

This time of the year is for many such things

A helping cure free of conditions and strings

As we try to replenish much more than we take

And revel in rapture from joy that we make!

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