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My Opinion on Advice...

Just like your ears and your eyes and nose

Everyone has an opinion

Usually unyielding and strongly held

O’er our lives it holds sway and dominion

And with an opinion comes lots of advice

Whether you like it or not

You will get plenty of all sorts and kinds

Whether or not it is sought

Some of it’s meant to console and to soothe

With only the best of intentions

And some we must take with a large grain of salt

(From those people we care not to mention…)

Sometimes we wish people would learn to keep

Their sentiments close to their chests

They cannot help but let loose with their words

When silent support would be best

And yet here I am with opinion and views

Upon reading you have to endure it

It’s a habit that really we cannot shake off

And there’s nothing I know that will cure it!

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