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In the quiet of the evening

Aloneness takes on whole new meaning

It might to some bring apprehension

Stillness can breed quiet tension

Every creak and night bird call

Seems sinister in twilight’s pall

To those that let their minds grow wild

Nervous as a frightened child

A darkened home is gaping maw

Simple shadows curl to claw

And sleep is furtive till the dawn

When nighttime’s bane, at last, moves on…

But others melt into the dark

No aegis comes from fire’s spark

For there’s no need when nightfall comes

And no sounds heard from anyone

The stars and moon are welcome friends

The gentle chirps small frogs can lend

Are all the company you’ll keep

Their lullaby soothes you to sleep

The cover that the gloaming makes

Is bare enough till sunrise breaks

To conjure magic from the dull

As mesmerized by midnight’s pull

In blacked-out hush is found delight

By mystic creatures of the night!

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