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Nine Months Till Summer

Does it seem a futile task

To countdown until summer

For when you get right down to it

Nine months is quite the bummer

We are just beginning fall

Though this one seems quite fine

But soon the falling temperatures

Will cause us all to whine

Face it folks, our winter’s long

And spring’s a muddy mess

And summer seems to fly right by

As if it could care less!

And yet I will not leave this town

Though winter’s not my favourite

I’ve done it for some forty years

There’s no point to belabour it

Every fall and winter too

Has benefits galore

Holidays that warm our hearts

Brings family to our door

We say goodbye to summer sweet

And wish it all the best

And in nine months we welcome back

High sun from its long rest

And it’s that break from all that heat

That makes us thankful when

In many months we thaw our limbs

And bask in warmth again…

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