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Not Yet Divine...

*Illustration reference:

“Tattered and Torn”

by Alfred Kappes (1886)

Is to be human to be divine?

Or being with a mood benign

With manner that can lean to brass

Audacious wit but full of sass

I shall forgive for cheek amuses

And when at odds, that glib defuses

But even at our most transcendent

When at our fingertips, resplendent

World of our own mind and making

We stumble into such risk-taking

We are at root a wayward child

Predisposed to scamper wild

Experience and wisdom too

If we could, as we grow, eschew

For eagerness to taste it all

Makes festive life, but prone to gall

Tis best if we can temper thrills

Increase the moments we set still

And tax our soul with seeking answers

So fragile hopes might never dash here

Tap into what is fit and good 

Reach all potential that we should

Ascent to heights shan’t be enshrined

Till truly earned the rank divine…

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