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Nothing Left to Say

Do you sometimes have a day

When there’s nothing left to say

You’ve ranted until you are spent

And yet it’s not made slightest dent

You’ve whined until you’re all whined out

Hoarse ‘cause all you’ve done is shout

And still the world turns as it does

Stays the same, and it’s because

It takes more than a harsh opinion

When arguing to feel you’ll win one

A mind won’t shift when met with force

Concessions need to find mid-course

And change comes when we reach inside

Where often it goes deep to hide

Afraid of work, of taking risk

Of breaking views like cracking bricks

Admire those that leave the shouting

And the hostile dogma spouting

To the ether, it dissipates

And hope that with it goes the hate

And in the quiet left behind

Are unbarred hearts and open minds

Stoic calm waits in their stead

Till worthwhile words are all that’s said!

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