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Open Your Heart

If you’re alone at Christmas time

With wave of hand, you say you’re fine

It’s not like you have whined and groused

To go home to an empty house

But nothing can quite cut the dim

Like piney bough bereft of trim

When no one’s there to fill that space

The stretch of quiet that you face

Seems to compound to sullen march

You feel the lack like throat that’s parched

It’s easy to say just reach out

Go find some folks and mill about

But no one wants to force their jolly

Extorting heed feels like such folly

Your loneliness wears like a cape

Unsettled crowd is no escape

So what solution waits for thee

What quick fix sits beneath your tree?

I cannot deign to know the answer

But safe to say, let’s take a chance here

You cannot fill an empty cup

With pitcher of I’ve-given-up

Your door need not be opened wide

The smallest crack still lets inside

Fortuity, need not be big

Just B-side to your solo gig

Who knows where all these prospects lead

What good might come from planted seed

Without some gumption, we can’t know

For one can’t reap, if one won’t sow

Extend your hand, good place to start 

Let hopefulness draw open heart…

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