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Parents Vs. Kids

Parents think they are so great

They go to work they stay up late

They drive their cars, they drink their beers

They swing from crystal chandeliers

Complaining their life is so rough

We tell you that we’ve had enough!

See, us kids have figured out

What growing up is all about

Adults think they’ve gotten smarter

Never have to ask or barter

Never doing as they say

‘Cause they must have it done their way

There’s more to life than living large

And acting mean ‘cause they’re in charge

For being kids is so much greater

Than getting to stay up much later

We run and play we are so free

From all responsibility

You make our meals and wash our clothes

You have to wipe our runny nose

Every day it starts anew

Always stuff you gotta do

We kids have little obligation

We romp with little regulation

You, who gets such little rest Ask yourself whose life is best?

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