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Philosophize This

Stupid is as stupid does

Is greatest statement, ever was

No thing’s been said that is more true…

You are the stupid things you do

It’s better to keep silent too

And let them THINK the fool is you

Don’t rashly let dim thoughts fly out

And risk removing all their doubt

Here’s advice to you I’ll lend

Too many triumph’s meet their end

When, gain so close, and fear disrupts

Success eludes when you give up!

We only have one go around

So best to smile than get ground down

If learn, we can, don’t sweat small stuff

That once around should be enough!

Crestfallen, then to words take heed

Do not go where that path may lead

There will not be that fear to fail

If you veer off, and leave own trail

Of all the things you must think through

This curls one’s toes, for tis too true

Revenge you seek? Then this you do

Dig not one grave - you must dig two…

This ode imparts the wisest thing

Such clarity, these plain words bring

They’ll resonate, when we’re long gone

No matter what, Life will go on…

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