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The pressures put upon us women

It’s like there are no chances given

We must be pretty, must stay youthful

Take drastic measures? Must be truthful!

As years advance you want us proud

But excess wrinkles not allowed!

We hope the change is imperceptible

But getting old is just inevitable

Our chins get jowly, noses bulbous

Our eyelids droop, our skin gets porous

What time does to us is unlawful!

Who asked to be post-menopausal!?

I say to this, I’m frickin’ tired

Dismissed as if my life’s expired

Don’t make me think I need be fixed

To spend my cash on magic tricks

I’ll let my hair go gray and wiry

But keep my temper fierce and fiery

We’ll start a trend that’s kinda radical

If we just let ourselves age natural

That men can just let all things go

To bulge and sag from head to toe

That double standard has us fumin’

Just leave us be, we’re only human…

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